300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Ottawa, Canada

Upcoming Info Sessions:

Thursday May 2 - Yogatown Stittsville - 300 HOUR at 6:45 pm

Thursday May 9 - Yogatown Preston - 300 HOUR at 6:15

Thursday June 20 - Yogatown Stittsville 300 HOUR at 6:45 pm

Thursday June 27 - Yogatown Preston - 300 HOUR at 6:15 pm

Upcoming Modules:

Breathe Life Into Your Practice: Philosophy + Pranayama - April 27/28 SOLD OUT : Waiting List Open

Women’s Yoga + Ayurveda Conference - June 7 - 9

Cueing, Mantra + Chant - October 5/6 - Registration Not Yet Open

Understanding Moving Bodies - November 7 - 10 - Registration Not Yet Open

Hello wonderful yogi!

You’re reading this because you’re curious about the 300 hour program, and I’m so pleased it’s peaked your interest. I’ve always maintained that it’s such a good thing that teacher training programs are increasingly common, because as we educate our yogic palettes, we get to deepen and diversify the offerings. Because there are sufficient numbers of people who have their foundational 200 hour program, we now get to go deeper and cover those concepts and practices that are initially peripheral to the facilitation of a basic yoga class.

There are multiple programs out there and you may be doing your research. Here’s what I can tell you about this program: it’s not just reflective of my interests, though we go deep into topics I adore like Ayurveda, it’s reflective of methods that I continue to refine that I believe to be widely applicable regardless of your preferred style of personal practice, teaching practice and community’s needs.

When I started offering teacher trainings, I realized we were educating yoga teachers much the way academia prepares professors: here is the content, what you do with it is up to you. Fingers crossed you’re a decent teacher.

While teaching is intuitive for some, even then we need to explore how we can be of better service, how we can be more healing, more proactive in the honesty of our offerings, and how our personal care and practices help us be effective beings in the world. Every few months I think, “yes, I have arrived in the seat of the teacher!” and then a few months later I learn something new, apply a discovery with success, or read another book, and realize that comfort with the long path is critical to self-compassion in the present. I believe in exploring how we got here, what we’re doing, and if there’s space – and there always is! – to refine our methods.

This is training for people who want a sangha – community. There are some details below, and there are complete details in the 300 Hour Information Package.

You do not have to enroll officially to take modules, but once you do enroll, we’ll take some time together to get to one another - because community is about proximity and conversation along the path. 

The Format

Our personal and teaching practices are transformative processes that require time for techniques and ideas to reveal their full brilliance. Once we have fully integrated a practice, it’s time to add new fuel through study and studentship. For students who have completed an approved 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program, the 300 hour program will offer detailed depths that build on that foundation. 

The 300 hour program is comprised of 270+ contact hours and 30 non-contact hours distributed between 17 “weekends” of in-class study plus corresponding homework. The full details of the format are available in the Information Package.

The Credential

This program will be Yoga Alliance certified so that anyone who completes the program has the option to take their 300 Hour intelligent edge yoga Teacher Training certificate and submit it to Yoga Alliance and register as an RYT-500.

The Modules

Some of The Modules in the 300 Hour Program include Understanding Moving Bodies + Efficient, Accessible Yoga, Core + Pranayama Immersion, and Sangha: Integrating Philosophy… The full list of Modules is available in the 300 Hour Information Package available by request.

The Teachers

I am so pleased to host guest teachers in the program to enrich our conversations! Guest teachers include Geoff Outerbridge, Mona Warner, Barrie Risman, Michael Dynie, Erin Bidlake, and more.


When you email for an information package, you will receive the application form. Upon submission and review of your application, a copy of your certificate, and a registration fee, you will be in the program. Unsuccessful applications will be refunded their registration fee in full.