Strong + Calm: A Vibrant Yoga + Sound Healing Experience


Strong + Calm: A Vibrant Yoga + Sound Healing Experience


Saturday June 1 | 4 - 5:30 pm
St. Charles Church
Beechwood, Ottawa

On Saturday June 1st, join me and my amazing guest, Megan Marie Gates, for a peppy, strong + ultimately meditative practice. I will guide a strong, movement-oriented practice, and Megan Marie will be offering percussive, salving instrumentation to get your body moving, and will close the practice with a crystal sound bath savasana.

We are blessed to return to a space that served as a place of worship for others: St. Charles Church in Beechwood. It has been restored and brightened up before its transformation into its next purpose.

It is a special space that will inspire just the lift we all need after winter. Both yoga and Buddhism use the concepts of sukha and dukha, though they have multiple translations, we can think of them as supportive and unsupportive space.

This is a supportive place to move, breathe, and feel joyous together.

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