Ayurveda Night School

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Ayurveda Night School

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Tuition: $275 +hst

Recommended Reading: Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook by Kate O'Donnell

Post Module Homework: For yogis interested in pursuing the 300 hour program, there will be homework included in the handouts detailing personal reflections on the content and its application in our routines.

Sliding Scale Tuition:

Please review the guidelines for Sliding Scale tuition. You are welcome to change the amount you pay from module to module. If the 50% fee per module is still inaccessible, please email me so we can make other arrangements.


100% pays for my time, education + experience, materials and overhead, including space rental.

70% pays for some of my time and education, materials and overhead

50% pays for some time, materials and overhead

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