monday mantra: acceptance prayer

The last two weeks have been more challenging than I anticipated they would be. I participated in a yoga training that was, mildly put, disappointing, and had to turn around from a weekend away to relax when a throat and sinus infection made vacationing miserable. I could be really grumpy about it all, but I'm more than okay.

Here's my mantra for today. My stuffy-nosed, no-vacation, mantra of acceptance.

I can manage everything I am given, and I can gracefully accept each lesson in every experience.

I am not indifferent, unaware, or unmoved, but I take time to sift the lessons from the disruptive drives of reaction.

If I choose to work with these lessons in a way that fuels my brightness, I am productive, focused, and calm in the confidence of good work. Feeding my energy to reaction would only fuel anger and frustration; in time, I would burn up.

Gratitude forms the sieve that with some effort separates out reaction so my perception is clear. Even on ill days, I can sit and be quiet. I have a room to sit in. Even in the company of meanness, I have good friends within reach. People who undoubtedly love me. Even where there are misfortunes, I have a life full of gifts. My life is blessed and temporary. It's temporary nature drives me back to gratitude, as both gifts and misfortunes will pass.