yoga strap tricks: posture backpack

As I was brushing up on my Using Props workshop for my upcoming Teacher Training, I remembered this delightful shoulder bind that uses a yoga strap that supports you into proper posture. (Isaac, if you're reading, this always reminds me of you!)

Give it a try when you have to sit for extended periods of time, whether at work, making dinner, or in meditation. Here's how you get into it...

1. Take a long yoga strap and bring it behind your back, under your shoulders, and even it out to even lengths on either side of you.


2. Lift the ends in front of your shoulders and lift up and around.

3. Cross the straps over your upper back and draw around underneath your shoulders to the front.

yoga strap tricks shoulder bind 3
yoga strap tricks shoulder bind 4

4. Pass the strap through the D ring and back through and tighten until you feel secure, and still breathe expansively and comfortably.

yoga strap tricks shoulder bind 5
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5. Shine on, tall and proud.