staying organized + mindful: a day designer giveaway

If you’re a full time yoga teacher, you’re on the move constantly. Your days are divided between classes in different places, often with pockets of time far from home and much to do, but coffee shop offices and lunches out are a financial drain. Busyness is not unique to yoga teachers, as I feel that the more digitally connected we are, the more we take on.

We delude ourselves into thinking that almost global access to information means that details and schedules must be up there or in our inbox somewhere. It’s wild to me that I can look up any topic of interest and have it available, and yet what WAS that thing I needed to do after class…? (It was dropping off the dry-cleaning.)

Timeliness and organization is a component of mindfulness. The less mental energy we need to put into organizing ourselves, the more energy we have for creative thinking and problem-solving, diminishing emotional reactivity, and a greater sense of clarity. That means writing your schedule down, putting your keys in the same place, and generally diminishing clutter and increasing awareness of your space.

There’s evidence that we remember more when we write things down, and that which we type is processed at a shallower level with a less comprehensive understanding. True of studying and true of remembering, even if we only write the list down and don’t continue to check off the items.

This is all why I love my Day Designer. I’ve had one for a few years now, and adore its attention to detail, mindfulness and thoroughness of organization. It’s a hefty, beautiful tome of detail-oriented living, so it lives on my desk and I reference it when I’m at my computer and planning my life. I can’t tell you how essential it’s been to my mental wellness and organization as a self-employed yogi.

The generous people at belle & blush have gifted me one to give to you. Look to Instagram and Facebook for the draw entries, and since I can only choose one, check out belle & blush’s 2017 Day Designers.