podcast ep 3: accessible yoga, teaching more inclusive classes, a conversation with dallas delahunt

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Why do you teach what you teach? Today I have a guest who teaches classes that are community-driven and clear - dallas delahunt. Helpful for yoga teachers and students to think about what experience they're looking for in a yoga posture practice. We dive into what makes a class more accessible and how we can individually hone our methods to suit the needs of the community we are teaching in. A conversation with dallas delahunt, former owner of studio330 and general yoga powerhouse, about accessible yoga.

We talk about sequences, transitions, approaches to planning your yoga classes and why basic yoga classes are great. We also talk a little bit about the difference between teaching to an international audience that has an appetite for handstands, versus communities where people are seeking maintenance of their bodies rather than posture attainment.

Looking to connect with dallas? Find her website here, as well as Facebook and Instagram. dallas teaches in Kingston, Ontario.