podcast ep 17: hali schwartz on yoga philosophy, her unusual introduction to yoga, and the one without a second

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Raised in Montreal by the original yogi-mama seeker, Hali Schwartz lives and teaches in Toronto, Canada and visits India annually. Devoted to living and sharing yoga through philosophy, chant and mantra, Hali is a dedicated practitioner who helps yogis add the philosophical framework of yoga to their path.

We talk about her unusual upbringing and how her mother met her guru, and then continue through various tenets of yoga philosophy and why bother - the remembering of our own divinity. We also talk on...

 - Why yoga philosophy if you're not interested in going down the rabbit hole
 - How the external practice influences our interior and vice versa
 - The chronic misunderstanding that enlightenment and "real" spirituality is devoid of emotion, when it has more to do with being present to emotions without being overwhelmed by them
 - We touch on the Hindu philosophical systems of Vedanta, Sankhya and Yoga and how these philosophies reveal that our perception is flawed
 - Using philosophy as a lens for self-discovery, and seeing students as fellow journeyers
 - The flow of money between teacher and students, in Indian ashrams and in our own Western satsang (community gathering)
 - The importance of personal Sadhana (practice) for being wrong with ourselves, but not "putting it all over other people".

What a fascinating woman - author, teacher, and musician.


Find Hali on the web at www.yogahali.com


Hali's book, and excellent yoga teacher training philosophy manual, One Without a Second

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