podcast ep 18: refresh your sun salutations

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Exploring Sun Salutations and their mythology, we talk about how when we know something well, it brings certain good qualities and other challenges. I offer some thoughts on evolving our approach to Sun Salutations, including different approaches to cues, sequencing, and how to approach plank, wrist stability and spinal articulation in cobra.

-      The story of Hanuman the monkey-faced god eating Surya, the sun God, and how the Sun Salutation became Hanuman’s offering
-    What grilled cheese has in common with the Sun Salutation
-    Taking something we think we know and changing it enough that we’re willing to explore it with fresh eyes
-    Why I don’t teach a breath-matched-to-movement approach to Sun Salutations
-    A bit information on how to integrate a little more stability into your hands, wrists and shoulders in plank posture
-    Our options for not doing Chaturanga and what we can do instead
-    How we approach Cobra, what we should call it, how we can cue it, and working on spinal articulation through our approach

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