podcast ep 20: supporting your timeline of transition, more on ayurveda with balarama chandra das

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Part 2 of a conversation with the poetic Ayurvedic practitioner Balaram Chandra das, where we dig into some of the challenges of being a responsible teacher, models of education and how they work (or don't) in yoga and Ayurveda, as well as multiple Ayurvedic concepts, including springtime Ayurvedic concepts and care.

• Balaram’s familial history of curanderos (healers), and how he’s stepping into his lineage as a healer through Ayurveda
•    Being introduced to Ayurveda through the food science of cooking for best digestion, and learning how to cook for his guru’s Ayurvedic diet
•    The unusual experience of his first encounter with an Ayurvedic practitioner
•    The impossibility of separating philosophy and practicality of Ayurveda, and the challenges of being a responsible teacher
•    Ayurveda’s holistic perception of your experience, including all of your abilities, limitations and culture
•    Giving clients the option of perceiving reality differently through consistent regular association and digestible amounts of theory
•    I ask Balaram for his “quick and dirty Ayurvedic springtime tips”, and he gives us a wonderful explanation of why there is no one prescription for springtime
•    He even carries it through to summertime Ayurvedic practices


Find Balarama and his wife and partner in Ayurveda, Emma, on the web at www.bendayurveda.com

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