podcast ep 25: cannabis yoga, what it might be and what we must consider

The difference between CBD and THC, what marijuana does to the brain, how we receive it from an Ayurvedic perspective, and what you may want to think about before you host a marijuana and yoga event.  

- What are the different types of marijuana products, and are they more for working with pain symptoms or for achieving a high
- What are the physiological influences of marijuana on our systems? How does it effect our brains and what are the outcomes?
- Considerations for if you were going to host a yoga and cannabis event
- What yoga philosophy and Ayurveda have to say about marijuana use
- Feedback from my yoga community on their thoughts about cannabis yoga events
- A snippet from Elena Brower on her recovery from marijuana addiction from the Wanderlust Speakeasy
- Why it's not something that's for my practice and my teaching

Learn About Cannabis with the BC Government’s Mental Health Programing
Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System
What is the Role of the Hippocampus?
The Location of Your Cerebellum
Does Long Term Cannabis Use Stifle Motivation?

Legal age for marijuana use should be 21, say top public health officials
Research discovers how marijuana affects the way the brain processes emotional information
Veterans Group Push for Medical Marijuana to Treat PTSD
Elena Brower on Addiction Recovery
Elena Brower’s Wanderlust Speakeasy Spoken Word on Recovery

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