podcast ep 27: yoga teachers' mental health: yoga's not so dirty secret with kim mcneil

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Let's talk about mental health and yoga teachers, since so many people who turn to yoga are seekers or individuals looking for greater wellness. Kim McNeil from Calgary, Alberta and I open the conversation - imperfectly, compassionately, and honestly.

- We talk about Kim's background, and what it's like to be an introvert in a job that favours extroverts.

- How teaching yoga can cultivate a different persona in front of classes, and introduce the term "cult of personality" as it applies to yoga teachers

- The secrecy around mental health challenges for yoga teachers, as if perfect mental health were a pre-requisite for teaching

- The difference between learning from a difficult situation and teachers making excuses for being "challenging" (ie is that person a mirror for you?)

- The needs of co-regulation and community that yoga is attempting to provide, imperfectly, and developing skills for being well

- Acknowledging the need for creating a stable, healthy relationship for teaching yoga (building confidence) and being steady in yourself

Yoga Therapy with Kim McNeil

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