podcast ep 28: yoga conversations past and present with carol horton, PhD

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-       Carol’s academic background, even her dissertation, on politics and race in Political Science, and her current shift away from yoga writing toward political writing

-       Her earlier career in the non-profit sector looking at class and inequality in early childhood, and then moving into a sociological context of modern practice

-       The Yoga Service Council’s work on racial issues, outreach and accessibility of yoga, including the criminal justice system, for veterans, and an upcoming book on sexual trauma survivors

-       Seeing the zeitgeist of yogic inquiry in the yoga community and academics, including the history of yoga coming to America

-       Early yoga blogging community in about 2010, connecting with other yogis, and why she wrote Yoga PhD and co-edited The 21st Century of Yoga

-       The current conversations that need to be had in the yoga community, including the rising nationalism and use of yoga as a political tool by Prime Minister Narenda Modi

-        Why it’s a good thing that your reading list will never be entirely read

-       The shift toward a more politicized dynamic and the pull toward a desire for concrete answers, and how that can be difficult in the context of spiritual inquiry that are always in process (thus resist absolute)

-       Some of the aggressive nature of online conversation in the yoga world that errs toward polarization and the disincentives to moderate voices in social media

-       Identifying as a yogi within your life as a whole and figuring out how to keep growing as a human being and being of service to others

Carol Horton, PhD
Yoga PhD
21st Century Yoga
The Yoga Service Council

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