podcast ep 29: open the door at the body with susi hately on yoga therapy

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Susi Hately is a yoga therapist and teacher trainer in Calgary, Alberta, who is a pioneer in offering trainings online in yoga and yoga therapy through her program, Functional Synergy. We talk early online yoga work, the evolution and content of yoga therapy, and creating a meaningful, sustainable yoga career.

Susi tells me about her early work and how she was the teacher that people sought out to get out of pain. We also talk about…

- How she decided to get online and connect with people in a newsletter (before she even realized newsletters were a thing)

- Honing her voice and offerings through writing, forums and videos

- How to listen to the voice that encourages her to post something or hold it back, including developing confidence in what she had to offer

- Her definition of how core stability works, and the importance of responsiveness to a change of environment

- Training ourselves to be responsive in the world, including relaxing our rigidity

- Encouraging people to reduce the instinctive bracing that happens in students when they’re anticipating movement

- Teaching people the basic components of movement that then create yoga postures

- The whispers and yellow lights of body awareness so that they don’t have to hear the screams of body pain (my favourite analogy she offers!)

- How most yoga therapists are not offering body-based work and the diversity in the field

Susi Hately at Functional Synergy

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