podcast ep 26: healing plants with amber westfall

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Interested in plant medicine? This conversation with Amber Westfall of The Wild Garden offers practical advice for integrating plant medicine into your life, and reveals the potency of what we can find in our local environment.

Amber Westfall is an herbalist and owner of The Wild Garden, a tiny farm and educational space where she grows local, organic and sustainably harvested wild foods and herbs and runs workshops on herbal literacy.

We talk about her journey through holistic traditions into plant medicine, and I ask about her biggest wins and any fails (just one!) that she had in her experimentation.

She shares her practical advice, including a widely available plant that can take the bite out of mosquito bites and other scratches, and some of her techniques that go into creating her herbal boxes.

Since so many yogis and Ayurvedic practitioners are interested in herbal medicine, I thought we'd talk to someone who is trying to encourage relationship to your local environment. Her work is inspiring!

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