podcast ep 41: moving yoga online with elise joan

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Elise Joan is a bright, bold presence - she puts herself out there - and has done yoga DVDs, television, and has a thriving online yoga business. We talk about putting it all out there, and her initial start in acting and musical theatre and how she could translate making it in one tough industry to another when her voice gave out and she had to make a change.

We also discuss...

  • Elise’s original pursuit of acting and musical theatre, and making it work in difficult, competitive fields. (She started off on the road to medical school, and decided on musical theatre instead!)

  • Grieving the end of her acting career through yoga.

  • Offering online yoga grew out of the opportunity from a magazine editor who took Elise’s class and invited Elise to do some online DVDs.

  • Meeting people where they are and offering yoga for “people from the Midwest”.

  • How even the best paying studios don’t pay enough for a sustainable income, so teaching in studio has to be a part of the equation.

  • The emotional healing ability of yoga, and how it was essential to Elise’s recovery after divorce.

  • If you can breathe, you can do yoga. Inclusive and financially accessible yoga.

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