podcast ep 34: disagreeing yogically

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Disagreeing with people can be uncomfortable, but it's a part of life and one that often helps further understandings of other people's experiences and opinions. Culturally, we're getting worse at disagreeing with each other, and the popular perception of yogis often makes disagreeing more difficult. Let's talk about disagreeing in conversation, and then a little bit about disagreements in the yoga world right now.

- I talk about generally disagreeing with people and frame it within the yogic system of ego/preference

- What happens to us on a physiological level when we disagree?

- Some of the critiques being leveled against the Ashtanga system right now, and a brief note about Sri Pattabhi Jois' abuses toward his students

- Why disagreeing around Ashtanga is so personal


Pattabhi Jois Was Not a Great Yogi - Karen Rain on J. Brown Yoga Talk

podcast ep 21: pooping well for a kinder world, yoga and Ayurveda for healthy bowel movements

You can listen below, and you can also listen in iTunes and Google Play and pretty much anywhere else podcasts are played, including Spotify!

This week I talk about what it means to have healthy bowel movements by modern healthcare's definition, as well as Ayurveda. We learn all about what's reasonable to expect, some interesting facts about feces, the anatomy of defecation, and some practical advice for pooping well.

After devoting a couple of yoga classes to eliminating well, I decided to bring it online to the intelligent edge yoga podcast community. We talk about...

- research into whether elimination aids like the Squatty Potty are effective or not
- what goes into poop? Literally
- what's the physiology of pooping? Why do an elephant and a human poop at the same rate?
- which Ayurvedic dosha is responsible for digestion, and what are the four types of digestion (agni) according to Ayurveda
- what the pelvic floor muscle is, and why it influences our ability to eliminate well during pregnancy and postpartum
- what pelvic floor physiotherapists are concerned about and when you may want to see one
- the Squatty Potty
- and more interesting, candid, calm facts about eliminating well

The Squatty Potty

The Scientific American The Physics of Poop

New York Times’ Everyone Poops

Using a toilet stool for improved elimination research

Pelvic floor anatomy and postpartum concerns

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mindfulness in the workplace

The premise of mindfulness could be viewed as threatening to productivity if bosses see mindfulness and meditation as simply actively choosing to do less. As much as I can offer their employees some tools, the initiative has to come from the top to see a culture of mindfulness and wellness as choosing to focus on less and allocate attention and ultimately do everything with less stress and improved clarity and creativity.

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staying organized + mindful: a day designer giveaway

If you’re a full time yoga teacher, you’re on the move constantly. Your days are divided between classes in different places, often with pockets of time far from home and much to do, but coffee shop offices and lunches out are a financial drain. Busyness is not unique to yoga teachers, as I feel that the more digitally connected we are, the more we take on.

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the beauty of bad yoga photos

There’s a meme that goes around once in awhile comparing “what I think I look like doing yoga” and “what I actually look like doing yoga”, drawing out both laughter and attention to our posture perfection obsession. I’m not sure you can ever accomplish a yoga photo shoot that’s only ego affirming, though we’d have to check in with more athletically inclined yogis.

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