podcast ep 14: reducing fear in teaching hands-on

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Hands-on assists are a source of fear for a number of teachers who want to do the right thing for their students. I invited my friend dallas delahunt to come back and have a conversation with me about teaching hands-on.  We are both known for doing hands-on enhancements when we teach, and so we talk about why and how, and some strategies for moving forward with hands-on teaching.



Find dallas on the web at www.dallasdelahunt.com

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podcast ep 5: updating our yoga information

A conversation with dallas delahunt. You can listen in your browserGoogle Play, or in iTunes.

We routinely upgrade our yoga software with reading, classes and training, and this conversation with my friend, dallas delahunt, is all about how our experience informs the changing of our opinions.

I’m going to suggest that new information is fantastic, when appropriately percolated on and synthesized. In Ayurvedic ideas on digestion, it takes 35 - 40 days to properly digest our food. We don't often give that length of time to new ideas and practices before we're experimenting on our students with them. We'll talk about how that can be detrimental to teacher and student alike, and what we've learned along our teaching paths so far.

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podcast ep 3: accessible yoga, teaching more inclusive classes, a conversation with dallas delahunt

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Why do you teach what you teach? Today I have a guest who teaches classes that are community-driven and clear - dallas delahunt. Helpful for yoga teachers and students to think about what experience they're looking for in a yoga posture practice. We dive into what makes a class more accessible and how we can individually hone our methods to suit the needs of the community we are teaching in. A conversation with dallas delahunt, former owner of studio330 and general yoga powerhouse, about accessible yoga.

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the abundant benefits of yoga teacher training

My first yoga teacher training was on a whim with zero research into my teacher, a chance that paid off beautifully. The class consisted of me and one other woman, so there was no hiding or shirking participation. I paid for it with a student line of credit, and even entirely separating out my teaching career, it remains the best investment I’ve ever made.

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seven yoga cueing tics to retire

The public speaking aspect of yoga teaching is daunting, but once the nerves are gone, it's time to tidy up both what we're saying and how we're delivering it. There are a lot of teachers out there with excellent offerings whose effectiveness is clouded by poor delivery. It’s important to take the time to think about what we meaningfully say in choosing our cues, but it’s also important to take note of what you’re not meaning to say.

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