podcast ep 38: yoga business school with ava taylor

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It can be an uncomfortable topic, unless you’re speaking with someone as ebullient as Ava Taylor. The founder and chief catalyst of YAMA Talent, Ava is optimistic and pragmatic about the business of yoga, and she shares her story, what it’s like working with yogis, and the qualities that make a successful yogi.

We discuss…

- Ava’s background, including the impact of inherited trauma from her great-grandparents’ slavery, and how she got into yoga to re-direct

- The yoga scene in the 90s in California, and how Ava saw that yogis needed help figuring out the business scene

- No, it turns out, some people will not sign contracts during Mercury Retrograde

- What’s the next big thing in yoga? We talk about the increasing and needed role of niche-yoga, but what’s the potential for yoga teachers in the future

-       Ava’s best advice for yoga teachers who want to refine their promotion skills and the qualities successful teachers share

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About Ava

Ava Taylor, Founder and Chief Catalyst of YAMA Talent, is a tenacious entrepreneur and avid yogi. Committed to running an ethics-based business, her personal mission is to be a Catalyst for Better Living, and to bring the tools of wellness to communities of all kinds.

Since 2010, Ava has pioneered the development of the booking, management, and consulting business models in the yoga space, as well as instituted the professional infrastructure needed to support the explosive growth of a previously “mom & pop” industry. In doing so, she’s become the go-to strategist for top professional yoga teachers, studios, and brands looking to increase their relevance in the yoga space.

Lovingly known as the “Ari Gold of Yoga,” Ava is a sought-out contributor in the media known for having her finger on the pulse of this rapidly expanding industry. She’s well-connected, in the “right place at the right time,” has been featured in The New York Times on multiple occasions, was recently placed on a short list of influencers by the Yoga Alliance, and has even landed a few magazine covers of her own! Her agency has co-produced the annual Yoga Garden at The White House, as well as both of the world’s largest yoga classes.

 As the creator of The Catalyst: Online Business School for Yogis, Ava taps into her unparalleled market knowledge, as well as the latest in data and trends, to bring fellow entrepreneurs the necessary tools and techniques to support and cultivate their own businesses in the yoga and wellness worlds.

Ava loves people, art, food, culture, and history. She lives & OMs in Cologne, Germany with her wife Sonia Taylor Bach, and their very handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback named Jai.