podcast ep 15: western insight meditation with Dawn Mauricio

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Western Insight Meditation and yoga teacher Dawn Mauricio brings her light, introspective approach to sincere meditation. We chat about personal practice and teaching, cultural appropriation in spiritual communities and spiritual bypassing.

We talk about the limitations of social media for authentic shares, and how/when to share your personal processes with your community. Dawn talks about her history with meditation and why she prefers to refer to Insight Meditation as "Western Insight", which leads to a chat about cultural appropriation in the Buddhist and yoga spiritual communities. We finally touch on spiritual bypassing - the avoidance of personal pain and interpersonal exploration for spiritual "heights" - and how doing interpersonal work is a required component of spiritual practice.

From Montreal, Dawn teaches and practices internationally, and you can join her in person or in her free 21 Day Meditation course, offered in partnership with Lole. See the show notes for details!


Find Dawn on the web at www.dawnmauricio.com

21 Day Meditation Course with Dawn & Lole


The quotation Dawn remembered: "If you want to know what you believe, ask the people you've taught." - C. Anthony Martignetti

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