podcast ep 23: open source yoga: brea johnson from heart + bones yoga

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Heart and Bones is the result of Brea Johnson's heart work and a long relationship with yoga and inquiry, particularly into anatomy and movement as it applies to teaching asana. She joins me to wander through a bit of her history as a faciliator and studio owner, her yoga existential crisis and resulting content, and what it's like to move online. We also discuss...

- What it's like to focus your yoga teaching more online, what you gain and some early perspective on what you may lose
- The cyclical nature of teaching to be inspired and needing to be inspired to teach
- The surprising difficulty of tiny movements that are good for you
- Brea's yoga existential crisis and how she moved away from and back toward yoga after incorporating a more diverse approach to yoga asana
- Yoga leadership, which includes boldness, walking a path that hasn't been trod, and being OK to stumble on that path
- The co-creation of yoga in a "post guru" era
- Collaborative approaches to yoga - open source yoga! - and balancing owning our own authority
- Being comfortable and even enthusiastic about owning a yoga business and marketing your work
- Resisting the pressure to play down your goals and desires to incorporate a leadership style that's ethically guided and professional
- The living tradition of yoga and how we walk our path to inspire people to do the "heart work"

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