podcast ep. 6: Ayurveda, Yoga's Life Science + An Unorthodox Dosha Quiz

Yoga has a lifestyle science, Ayurveda - the "wisdom of life" - that helps us individualize our yoga and wellness plans. I talk a little bit about the history of Ayurveda, a couple of its central concepts, and offer an unorthodox dosha ("constitution") quiz if you've ever wondered about your yoga psychology profile.

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How do you feel about the library? Cooking? Your tendencies in some of life's little banalities could tell you a lot about your dosha (elemental composition).

Library Borrowing

Vata: Goes to the library and borrows all the things. Opens them all, reads none in totality, and returns late. If items are returned on time, is shocked to realize there is no award or applause. 

Pitta: Has all desired borrows lined up and wait-listed in the approximate amount of time it will take to complete each book. Books are strategically chosen for maximum enjoyment or usefulness.

Kapha: Has always intended to go to the library, but hasn’t gotten around to it, and orders on Amazon instead. Has accumulating collection of unread Amazon books, but keeps re-reading favourites instead.


Pitta: All jewelry purchases are contrasted and coordinated against current wardrobe and preferences. While form is certainly a consideration as well as function, minimalism is often preferred and craftsmanship is paramount. Pitta people love fancy, understated watches and probably wear the same earrings all the time.

Kapha: Huge sentimental value – Kaphas retain all the halves of BFF necklaces and bracelets ever, even if they never wear them, and are fond of heirlooms. Kaphas love things with stories and will frequently buy things from craft fairs if they’ve chatted with the artisan for long enough.

Vata: Loves cute things and colour and could care less about matching or may not see that things do not match. If they have one bracelet, it would be best if they could have similar bracelets in all the colours. Vatas are the people Alex + Ani are desperately trying to market themselves to, because Vata will never have enough thematic bangles.


Kapha: Has some excellent favourites in rotation that they cycle in and out of, but has been known to occasionally go overboard in new recipe or entertaining efforts. Might have a complicated relationship with some foods, but once they find the recipe they like, it’s that recipe for life.

Pitta: Efficiency and expediency is key. Pitta may like to think they enjoy lingering in the kitchen while cooking, but until they’ve shared the kitchen with Vata to truly discover what lingering means, they are incorrect. Pitta likes to hone talents, and will repeat recipes for maximum nutrition intake or impressiveness.

Vata: Frequently forgets to eat and then eats all the things that are a bit odd, like a giant bag of popcorn that only exacerbates their airiness.


Vata: Wants all the colours, all the flowers, and especially ones that are gorgeous yet are not suited to the climate they live in. Vata does best in warm climates anyway, so they should come to terms with the fact rhododendrons do not do well in Ontario winters or move to Florida.

Pitta: enjoys the meditative aspect of gardening as it cools down their fiery spirit. Has thoroughly researched what does best in this climate, discovered the names and preferences of all the plants inherited from the previous owners, and wonders why on earth they chose to plant a Cypress tree right in front of the first floor window when they should have known how large and quickly they grow.

Kapha: habitually over waters when remembering to tend the garden, and so ultimately plants all marigolds because the colours are cheerful.


Pitta: appreciates the use of negative space and while not terribly vain, would prefer that less than flattering pictures not go up. Will spend for professional photos after reviewing many portfolios.

Vata: takes pictures of absolutely everything, especially the magically ordinary things of day to day, and forgets to post them.

Kapha: posts many cat pictures with lengthy explanations as to why this particular cat is the cutest one you’ve ever seen ever.