podcast ep 21: pooping well for a kinder world, yoga and Ayurveda for healthy bowel movements

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This week I talk about what it means to have healthy bowel movements by modern healthcare's definition, as well as Ayurveda. We learn all about what's reasonable to expect, some interesting facts about feces, the anatomy of defecation, and some practical advice for pooping well.

After devoting a couple of yoga classes to eliminating well, I decided to bring it online to the intelligent edge yoga podcast community. We talk about...

- research into whether elimination aids like the Squatty Potty are effective or not
- what goes into poop? Literally
- what's the physiology of pooping? Why do an elephant and a human poop at the same rate?
- which Ayurvedic dosha is responsible for digestion, and what are the four types of digestion (agni) according to Ayurveda
- what the pelvic floor muscle is, and why it influences our ability to eliminate well during pregnancy and postpartum
- what pelvic floor physiotherapists are concerned about and when you may want to see one
- the Squatty Potty
- and more interesting, candid, calm facts about eliminating well

The Squatty Potty

The Scientific American The Physics of Poop

New York Times’ Everyone Poops

Using a toilet stool for improved elimination research

Pelvic floor anatomy and postpartum concerns

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