podcast ep 34: disagreeing yogically

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Disagreeing with people can be uncomfortable, but it's a part of life and one that often helps further understandings of other people's experiences and opinions. Culturally, we're getting worse at disagreeing with each other, and the popular perception of yogis often makes disagreeing more difficult. Let's talk about disagreeing in conversation, and then a little bit about disagreements in the yoga world right now.

- I talk about generally disagreeing with people and frame it within the yogic system of ego/preference

- What happens to us on a physiological level when we disagree?

- Some of the critiques being leveled against the Ashtanga system right now, and a brief note about Sri Pattabhi Jois' abuses toward his students

- Why disagreeing around Ashtanga is so personal


Pattabhi Jois Was Not a Great Yogi - Karen Rain on J. Brown Yoga Talk