podcast ep 30: yoga voice

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Yoga teachers sometimes adopt a breathy voice that sounds like they floated in on a cloud. We turn to psychology, some trends in yoga culture, a wee bit of Ayurveda, and vocal anatomy today to consider...

- What is a voice, and how unique are our voices exactly?

- An example of yoga voice, and possible reasons that we may adopt certain yoga voices

- Ayurvedic constitution might influence your use of metaphors

- Why some people borrow cues from other teachers, and if that's karmically cool or not

- A troubling trend in yoga voices seeking authority in the field

- Vocal warmups so you sound your best before you teach

Brilliant But Cruel: Perceptions of negative evaluators

How to Create an Attractive Voice

Important Elements to Your Voice

We change our voice when we talk to high-status people, shows new study

 Warm Up Your Voice (Hilarious)  

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