October 5/6, 2019
9 am - 5 pm
Yogatown Stittsville · Ottawa

Words seek to convey so many subtle aspects of yoga: movement, spirit, and transformative concepts. We take a symbolic agreement (words and language) and through our choice of language, hope to support individual explorations of a communal experience.

Teaching yoga requires specificity, as words and their vibrations are powerful. Whether you want to convey movement clearly or experience the elevation of chant, this training is for you. Our weekend will include sessions with the following focus: 

  • Verbal cueing for movement and asana so you teach with clarity and confidence

  • Creating transformative, healing atmospheres with word choice, readings, and mantra

  • The qualities of vocal care and sound in preparation for chanting; and

  • Chanting and facilitating chanting in your personal practice and classes

This weekend includes four hours with Megan Marie Gates, sound practitioner, yoga teacher, and co-founder of Wild Heart Healing Arts Centre in Picton, Ontario.

This module is part of the 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training program.

Accessible Yoga Teacher Training
Thursday November 7 - Sunday November 10, 2019
9 am – 5 pm
Yogatown Stittsville · Ottawa

It’s said that we are 10 trillion cells that walk, we’re just not sure how. This training is continuing and critical education for yoga teachers. We’ll examine the physiology of movement – how we move, build and develop strength and range of movement, understand the opportunities and limits of stretching – and we’ll have some special resources to help illustrate what we’re learning about. The body is resilient and remarkable; this training focuses on information and techniques to inspire a low-fear yoga classroom.

After two days of focus on information of how it all comes together and how to see movement and understand moving bodies, we’ll apply our knowledge to building accessible, thorough yoga classes. Accessible can mean efficient and strong when approached thoughtfully. You will learn specific activities for your own wellbeing and your students, as well as learn how to develop yoga sequences that are well-rounded, logical, and get a lot done in a calm, steady manner.

Specific topics include…

· The physiology of movement: how is it we move and how do we cultivate change

· How range of movement develops and how we need to modify our approach to practice to maximize returns

· Our gifts and our gets: why some of us are bendy and/or strong, and what’s happened to us through lifestyle

· The inextricable interconnectedness of you: the nervous system, muscular anatomy and fascia

· Identifying the goals, opportunities and limitations of traditional posture practice

· A framework for developing a skillful, diverse practice

· Functional movement exercises and how to apply them for both general wellness practice and specifically desired outcomes

· Methods for low-fear classes that inspire students to cultivate their own movement-intuition

· Integrating new movement into familiar yoga content for confident integration to your classes

· Specific guidelines for developing your own sequences

You will have the opportunity to practice teach and integrate your learnings. Our first two days of learning will be more lecture-based, so they will open and close with short practices to help you integrate and care for your bodymind.

This course counts as two (2) modules of the 300 hour Intelligent Edge Yoga program.


Ayurveda Foundations
Saturday January 11 - Sunday January 12, 2020
9 am – 5 pm
Yogatown Stittsville · Ottawa

Unite yoga and Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science of self-care, routine and diet, to navigate a lifestyle for optimal balance and ease in your mind and body.

Many yogis encounter the preliminary concepts of Ayurveda without much of a roadmap to guide them toward next steps. This workshop will include a philosophical background that will frame practical approaches to bring Ayurveda into your life. We’ll demystify how to cultivate balance so you can see progress on your path, and you’ll be fascinated by how logical – and yet radical! – much of the advice will be.

This weekend empowers participants with a conceptual understanding for living well with a focus on information, discussion and guidance. Yogis will leave with lovingly designed worksheets and a manual to help develop a daily routine, track progress, and suggested resources to further guide them. This workshop is appropriate to both teachers and students - even if you know your dosha, there will be lots of new information here for you.

If you've done an intro to Ayurveda before - even with Kathryn - consider returning, because this format is going to help you get maximum digestion and utility. We will take time with concepts, practices (including oils), and plan our individual routes.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
Thursday February 13 - Sunday February 16, 2020
9 am – 5 pm
Yogatown Stittsville · Ottawa

Erin Bidlake

Erin Bidlake (PhD, E-RYT 500, YACEP) is a yoga and meditation teacher, hospice volunteer, and death doula in Ottawa, Canada. Known for her warm personality and supportive approach, Erin brings her love of yoga and passion for life-long learning to everything she does. Erin is a frequent guest teacher at the Sivananda Bahamas Yoga Ashram, where she teaches restorative yoga as a means of working with chronic pain and fatigue. Learn more about Erin and her offerings:

Prepare to go deep into being gentle with yourself! This four day training offers the opportunity to experience restorative yoga, learn the evidence-based techniques for it, and the opportunity to practice-teach. With a special focus on the nervous system and yoga as a tool for stress relief and pain management, this training will provide big insights into where yoga fits in our fast-paced modern world.

Through experiential learning and guided discussion, we will explore:

  • The physical, emotional, and energetic bodies

  • Poses and their iterations and modifications

  • Class sequencing and themes

  • Supportive pranayama (breath work)

  • Restorative yoga through an Ayurvedic lens

  • Integrating self-massage into Restorative Yoga classes

This training is for dedicated yoga students looking to deepen their practice, as well as yoga teachers wishing to incorporate restorative yoga into their offerings. Students who complete the training will receive a restorative yoga teacher training certificate.

Trainers: Erin Bidlake and Kathryn Flynn. This session is lead by Erin Bidlake with guest teaching by Kathryn Flynn.

Wisdom Years + Chair Yoga Training
Thursday May 21 - Sunday May 24, 2020
9 am – 5 pm
Yogatown Stittsville · Ottawa

In recent decades, one of the main changes related to Canada's population is aging. Our replacement levels (how many kids we’re having), along with increasing life expectancy, is sending the median age of Canadians up. The most recent projections show that by 2036, seniors could constitute more than one-fourth of the population.

A senior – or “chronologically experienced yogi” - who is mobile and active has different needs than someone who has low or extremely limited mobility, but they also have different needs than their younger yoga peers. This training will set you up for being of service to a variety of senior populations, and to do so with confidence and compassion.

This course counts as two (2) modules of the 300 hour Intelligent Edge Yoga program.

Our four day training will include…

Tracy Birrell.jpg

Tracy Birrell

Tracy Birrell is a Kinesiologist with 25 years of experience, and a Chair Yoga provider and teacher trainer. Tracy’s work is with people of all ages and injury histories, and her compassionate nature guides her exercise rehabilitation. Assisting people to heal and to improve or maintain their mobility has been her challenge and her passion.

A devoted yoga practitioner for many years, she was drawn to Yoga as a healing modality because of her own chronic pain experience.

Since traditional yoga models do not serve many populations, Tracy is passionate about working with populations who need the yoga brought to them. Her students include high-risk seniors, who she feels blessed to learn from through their work together. It is her belief that Yoga should be available to everyone, and that all can benefit when delivered a tailored approach.

  • Who are seniors? Looking at the aging population and taking general overviews of statistics, health, and wellness challenges relevant to different senior populations

  • Evidence-based approach to the benefits of yoga for these groups

  • What happens to us as we age, and how it changes our yoga practice

  • The Ayurvedic lens on ageing and adapting our yoga and lifestyle routines to support healthful ageing

  • Exploring challenges of aging - mechanical and functional, including outlines of the condition, risk factors, and how yoga practice can intervene

  • Teaching classes that support senior populations, including functional movement exercises, supportive sequencing, pranayama and yoga postures with modifications (including seated), using props (chair & wall)

  • Guidelines related to pain and restrictions

  • What to expect in a chair yoga class, how to set up, and how to approach teaching

  • Integrating chair yoga into mat classes for improved accessibility

  • Chair yoga sequences, as well as a teaching practicum

Trainers: Kathryn Flynn and Tracy Birrell. Thursday/Friday content is led by Kathryn Flynn, and Saturday/Sunday content is led by Tracy Birrell. Practicums are co-supervised.

Fee: $550 + HST (HRSDC certified, so tax receipts will be issued). Available for YACEP credits.