June 7 - 9, 2019
Friday 5 - 8 pm, Saturday/Sunday 9 - 5 pm
2013 Old Carp Rd, Ottawa ON - $375

Given women’s commitment to the evolution and expansion of yoga and Ayurveda, it’s time we dove into how these practices specifically speak to women’s experience of wellness on multiple levels. Over three days, we will cover…

  • The Yoga of Self-Honouring with Barrie Risman, Yoga Teacher

  • The Ayurvedic view of Hormones with Mona Warner, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner + Yoga Teacher

  • Natural Cycles of Women with Mona Warner

  • A Woman's History of Yoga with Kathryn Anne Flynn

  • Women's Pelvic Floor wellness with Andrea Plitz, Physiotherapist, Pelvic Floor Specialist, and Yoga Teacher

This weekend is a special event that brings together expert yogis and wellness practitioners to deliver compassionate, contemplative and real information about women’s yoga and Ayurveda. Session descriptions below!

Barrie Risman, Yoga Teacher - The Yoga of Self-Honouring

Yoga is at its most transformational when we use it as a way to restore, nurture, and expand a loving, compassionate relationship with ourselves. As women, we may often find ourselves expending our energy outward to fulfill all the roles and responsibilities we play. Yoga allows us to return back to ourselves, to reclaim our inherent worthiness and foster a healthy sense of self-esteem.

When we do this, our practice becomes a potent source of inspiration and a great ally in our lives. Our mat becomes like a trusted friend, a place where we’re able to meet ourselves exactly where we are and be welcomed with support, acceptance, encouragement and love. We do this not only for ourselves, but also because doing so changes the way we see others, the way we serve others, and how we meet the world around us.

In this session, Barrie will guide us in exploring the practices and wisdom that allow us to unlock the full potential of our yoga practice as a lifelong companion.

Mona Warner, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner + Yoga Teacher - The Ayurvedic view of Hormones

During this session we will explore the Ayurvedic view of Hormones, how they are connected to our digestion and energy management, the interplay of hormones (aka Bucket Syndrome/Pregnanelone Steal), and recommendations to bring more balance to our hormonal system.

Mona Warner, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner + Yoga Teacher - Natural Cycles for Women

In this session we explore menstruation and menopause from the Ayurvedic view. We will discuss the importance of the menstrual cycle, what a healthy menstruation looks like, signs of imbalance and suggestions to realign menses. Then we'll explore how the health of the menstrual cycle and hormone balance come together during the menopausal transition. We'll discuss the typical imbalances experienced during menopause and recommendations to bring the body back into balance. Also suggestions moving forward into the Golden Years so they can be enjoyed rather than simply “tolerated”.

Both sessions will include time for Q&A - bring your questions!

Andrea Plitz – Physiotherapist and Pelvic Floor Specialist, Yoga Teacher

Join Andrea on a journey to learn about the pelvic floor, core and breath connections, common abdominal-pelvic conditions in women, to kegel or not to kegel, and, how to connect to your base and power centre through interspersed embodiment exercises.

Put all these pieces together in a curated 60 minute yoga practice focusing on awareness, connection, grounding and support for your entire system.

Kathryn Anne Flynn - A Woman’s History of Yoga  

Women have championed the evolution and sharing of yoga in its 20th century global explosion, seeing in yoga a deeply needed path of self-realization and wellness. Women may seem largely absent in yoga’s history, but the philosophy offers both insights into historical gender roles as well as inspiration for how yoga presently serves women.

We’ll weave together history, yoga and feminist philosophy, look at influential historical figures, and discuss how yoga provides respite from the challenges of women’s experiences, as well as where we have work to do in realizing yoga as liberation from suffering.

Understanding Moving Bodies + Efficient, Accessible Yoga Sequencing
Thursday June 13 - Sunday June 16, 2019
9 am – 5 pm
889 · Toronto

It’s said that we are 10 trillion cells that walk, we’re just not sure how. This training is continuing and critical education for yoga teachers. We’ll examine the physiology of movement – how we move, build and develop strength and range of movement, understand the opportunities and limits of stretching – and we’ll have some special resources to help illustrate what we’re learning about. The body is resilient and remarkable; this training focuses on information and techniques to inspire a low-fear yoga classroom.

After two days of focus on information of how it all comes together and how to see movement and understand moving bodies, we’ll apply our knowledge to building accessible, thorough yoga classes. Accessible can mean efficient and strong when approached thoughtfully. You will learn specific activities for your own wellbeing and your students, as well as learn how to develop yoga sequences that are well-rounded, logical, and get a lot done in a calm, steady manner.

Specific topics include…

· The physiology of movement: how is it we move and how do we cultivate change

· How range of movement develops and how we need to modify our approach to practice to maximize returns

· Our gifts and our gets: why some of us are bendy and/or strong, and what’s happened to us through lifestyle

· The inextricable interconnectedness of you: the nervous system, muscular anatomy and fascia

· Identifying the goals, opportunities and limitations of traditional posture practice

· A framework for developing a skillful, diverse practice

· Functional movement exercises and how to apply them for both general wellness practice and specifically desired outcomes

· Languaging and methods for low-fear classes that inspire students to cultivate their own movement-intuition

· Integrating new movement into familiar yoga content for confident integration to your classes

· Specific guidelines for developing your own sequences

You will have the opportunity to practice teach and integrate your learnings. Our first two days of learning will be more lecture-based, so they will open and close with short practices to help you integrate and care for your bodymind.

This course counts as two (2) modules of the 300 hour Intelligent Edge Yoga program.