Creative Mornings

This monthly event occurs in dozens of cities around the globe on the same theme. I was invited to speak on the July 2018 theme of "intention", and share a bit about why it was yoga for me, my career in marketing before yoga, but I do make it around to philosophy and Ayurveda.


How Functional Movement Exercises Can Benefit Your Asana Practice
on Yoga International

Minds and bodies become adept at doing the things they do on a daily basis. Consistency in thought, speech, and action shapes the grooves of the mind (samskaras) and the patterns of our movements.

Your body may be accustomed to excessive sitting, running, texting, carrying children, or any number of other physical habits that shape how you move. And you probably use your yoga practice as an antidote to some of the harmful effects of unconscious repetitive embodiment.

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Tips for Teachers: Balancing Your Yoga Student’s Wants and Needs in Class
on Yoga International

Many yoga teachers wish to teach their students new material but are afraid of alienating them by offering things they think they don’t want. Some yoga students want their stretching or workouts without “the spiritual stuff,” and others want the spiritual stuff without the physical challenge that might be good for them.

Knowing that students grow attached to their preferred flavor of yoga, in a competitive yoga market teachers often fear losing their student base. This is a real problem, as teaching from a place of fear can negatively influence the calm and clarity needed to determine what and how we teach.

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