“An incredible facilitator.”

Your vast knowledge and incredible teaching ability make you a serious powerhouse in this regard. It seems to me that you have a ridiculously bright future ahead of you and I'm so honoured to have had you as a teacher.  I'd bet money that one day I'll be able to say that "Yes, it's true, THE Kathryn Flynn was my YTT teacher." Also, you're hilarious and that goes a long way in my books.  

— E.O.

“Thank you for your guidance.”

Kathryn is such an amazing soul that I describe her classes as almost spiritual. She has guided me in a very chaotic time to a place of gratitude and stillness. Somewhere I never thought I could be. I am beyond grateful.

— A.D.

You possess that ability to make everyone in the room feel as if you are teaching to THEM.  It’s really an interesting and special quality.  Many big-time teachers have this too, but they do not all have that even MORE important quality. You instantly made me feel seen and heard and cared for after a 1 minute interaction.

— S.J.