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Impeccable with your Word: the Essence of Cueing
Toronto, ON · 889 Community
Saturday, December 1st · 2 - 5 pm

Teaching yoga is a complicated public speaking job, it’s like trying to deliver an atmospheric instruction manual with clarity and empowerment.

In this workshop, learn the methods of verbal cueing, word choice, and vocal quality so you convey the right message and move people through their practice with clarity. You and your students will feel more confident, and they will enjoy the benefits of going inward when the outward activities of yoga are delivered clearly.

Our time together will include general guidelines, examples of common postures cued clearly, the opportunity to experience a 100% verbally cued practice, and the time to practice teaching your peers.

The Medicine of Subtraction: a Gentle Journey Inward
Toronto, ON · 889 Community
Sunday, December 2nd · 4 - 6 pm

Join me for a 2-hour practice that sheds cumulated stress and brings you home to yourself.

This 2-hour practice will be a mélange of gentle flow, mellow movements, and restorative-yin all culminating in a long Savasana.

You’ll be guided through a breath-centric practice to evenly distribute energy and prana throughout your body so that when we get really quiet, the medicine of subtraction will reveal the energetic ebb and flow of your nourished spirit.

The class will include hands-on assists for those who wish to receive them.