The Medicine of Subtraction: a Gentle Journey Inward
Ottawa, ON · PranaShanti
Sunday, December 30th · 4 - 6 pm

My annual “wind down and digest the year” class! Join me for a 2-hour practice to be quiet and supported, shedding cumulative stress and coming home to yourself.

As December concludes, we pause for reflection on all that the calendar year brought to our lives. It's the perfect time to nourish the body and spirit with quiet, contemplative yoga. Digest all those experiences with a quiet, healing practice.

This 2 hour class will be a mélange of gentle yoga and yoga nidra - a specific approach to guided meditation known for its powerful techniques for self-inquiry and healing.

You’ll be guided through movement to distribute energy and prana throughout your body, so that through the medicine of subtraction, you will feel the ebb and flow of your nourished spirit ready to move forward into 2019.

Mini Retreat with Kathryn Flynn + Jovette Carey
Ottawa, ON · Yogatown Preston
Saturday, January 19 2019 · 2 - 5 pm

Be unhurried, thorough and harmonious in your practice by touching on several supportive practices in a spacious manner.

Join Jovette Carey and Kathryn Anne Flynn for a 3-hour mini-retreat to practice peacefully in community. Opening with an introduction to chant, our practice will include a gentle flow, mellow yin, and wind down with pranayama, Savasana and meditation. Savasana will be supported with sound healing and hands-on with essential oils, for those who wish them.

We’ll close with tea and treats to ground ourselves. Optional: Bring a small pillow, blanket, eye pillow or any other prop to enhance your practice.