Ottawa, ON · PranaShanti Yoga Centre
6 - 9 pm | MONDAYS, FEBRUARY 4 + 13, 2017

Yoga, meditation and yoga’s lifestyle science system, Ayurveda, heal far more than our physical body. The path to healthfulness is one that addresses your entire being, and acknowledges the importance of spiritual wellness to experience real health.


Yoga and meditation have practical approaches and philosophical concepts that help us let go of hurts accrued over the years so that we feel good in our skin and vibrant in our heart. They support body awareness and diminish stress, so that off-the-mat you can live mindfully, make great decisions that lead to contentment, adopt healthful habits, and live peacefully with a sense of true joy.

In these workshops, we will review and discuss the tools and ideas these systems offer us so we can channel energy into techniques that lead to holistic health and peacefulness. We’ll review and practice collectively, and you’ll take home information and activities to further support you.

Each session complements the other and will provide a holistic understanding of self-care, but you can attend one or both.


3- 7 pm | Saturday, MARCH 4, 2017


Unite yoga and Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science of self-care, routine and diet, to navigate a yoga lifestyle for optimal balance and ease in your mind and body.

Many yogis encounter the preliminary concepts of Ayurveda without much of a roadmap to guide them toward next steps. This workshop will include a philosophical background that will frame practical approaches to bringing Ayurveda into your life. We’ll demystify how to cultivate balance so you can see progress on your path, and you’ll be fascinated by how logical – and yet radical! – much of the advice will be.

This workshop is meant to empower you with a conceptual understanding that will help you on and off the mat and will focus on information, discussion and guidance. Yogis will leave with lovingly designed worksheets to help develop a daily routine, track progress, and suggested resources to further guide them. This workshop is appropriate to both teachers and students, because even if you know your dosha, there will be lots of new information here for you.

We will definitely do some Pranayama (breath work) and move as needed throughout the session, but you can leave your mat at home.